Photographer Greta Joana

 I‘m a fashion, commercial and portrait photographer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. My experience stretches from creating original and high-quality content that meets the requirements of the modern market to selecting the best photographic and lighting techniques.


I was always fascinated by photography, especially when taking significant photographs of my friends. Now my passion has become my job and my clients turned into my friends.


My photography is inspired by little details, whether it is something that I see in the outdoors or in various people I meet. I love discovering an object or a  scene that normally wouldn’t propose a second look and finding a unique perspective or mood to capture it.


I‘m vitalizing my pictures with my positive attitude towards life, filling them with a minimalistic combination of elegance, light and creative touch.


Keeping an open mind to new solutions, I'm always pushing myself to the next level and trying to produce the best result possible.


If you asked which of my photographs is my favorite? I will tell you - the one I’m going to take tomorrow.

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Vilnius, Lithuania

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